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TRIO Test & Measurement has been a manufacturer of Portable Appliance Testers since the late 1960's. The SafeTcheck is the culmination of those many years of design and experience.

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    Trio’s SafeTcheck PATs have been designed and manufactured in SA since the late 1960s. The original tester was designed and built by Trio in conjunction with the then School of Mines (now TAFE) for Telecom (now Telstra) and predates the introduction of any standard relating to electrical safety. The current Australian Safety Standard, AS3760 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment, came into being in 1990, more that 20 years after the first ‘SafeTcheck’. Some 40 plus years later, that very basic tester has developed into the technically advanced SafeTcheck models manufactured today, with the original design philosophy unchanged: simple and safe to use, fail safe in operation and robust in construction.
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