C series can be used for different applications such as inspecting electrical panels, mechanical equipment, buildings envelop, roof systems to investigate air leakages, plumbing issues, hot fuses etc. FLIR C5 imager is a 160 x 120 focal plane which is 19200 pixels array comes standard with a wide-angle lens and contains a flashlight on the front so that you can light up the area that you are working in.

C5 offers new features of integration with the cloud and FLIR ignite new system which allows users to upload images directly to the internet and share simultaneously with anyone. To enable automatic upload of images, select settings menu, then save options and storage then select auto upload and switch on. If the automatic upload is enabled your images will automatically be uploaded to your FLIR ignite account when the camera is connected to the internet. You can also upload images to the computer manually or move images from the camera using the USB cable.

FLIR C series thermal photos featured two different ranges which are lower range from -20 degrees to +150 degrees and upper range +150 degrees to +400 degrees. You will be able to change the ideal temperature level array according to your target and then work within that range to get the most effective thermal contrast.


FLIR C5 thermal imager is a set focus video camera so adjusting the focus is not essential however there is a minimum focus range of around 4 inches but also for your regular PDM or building inspection it a distance you are probably never going to be operating at with this video camera. It is also well within the safe approach distance. If you are using to inspect electrical equipment, so it is value that is not a concern, but it is something you must understand.

Thermal feature only reveals the infrared camera feed, digital electronic camera which shows simply the visible light perspective. The picture-in-picture displays a thermal image in the center surrounded by a visible light border. It is a beneficial device for highlighting the trouble area while offering aesthetic information.

Measurements options provided three different temperature level dimensions devices consisting of a center area device to recognize the temperature of a certain area. Hotspot box which provides the maximum temperature level inside the display box and a cold place temperature level box with minimum temperature value. Numerous tools can be used at once and the sizes of both hot and cold spot boxes can also be adjusted. You can see the measurement value for that place displayed in the upper left corner of the display shown by the arrow.


You can choose color combinations depending on the requirement great balance of thermal sensitivity as well as spatial resolution, when dramatically taking into consideration the distinction amongst temperatures.

FLIR has lot more numerous features that allows you to share the thermal images taken by the camera easily to anywhere and open the path to provide professional reports with images that images that document problems and repairs using preferred software, such as FLIR thermal studio. Get a hold of us at corporate and welcome to explore the new FLIR C5 cameras as we try and help you grow your business every day.

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