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The FLIR E76 offers complete coverage of near and distant targets through a range of interchangeable AutoCal™ lenses, with fields of view for everything from wide-angle roof inspections to electrical inspections performed from a safe distance. A step up from the FLIR E54, the E76 includes an optional temperature range to 1000°C (1832°F), laser-assisted autofocus, and 3 area measurement boxes. The 320 × 240 thermal resolution produces crisp, vibrant imagery that can be enhanced with patented FLIR MSX® technology for added detail and perspective. Onboard FLIR Inspection Route feature runs pre-planned survey routes to help inspectors stay organized when surveying large or multiple locations. For a limited time, the purchase of an E76 camera includes a 3-month subscription to FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and FLIR Route Creator.


  • Interchangeable, Auto-calibrating lenses
  • Telephoto, standard, and wide angle AutoCal™ lenses help users survey large targets quickly, check machines for signs of failure, or inspect electrical systems safely.
  • Improved contrast for faster diagnosis
  • Use FLIR 1-Touch Level/Span to instantly improve image contrast and highlight potential electrical or mechanical issues.
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Onboard integration with FLIR routing software*, a built-in mic for voice annotation, and report generation features all help the E76 streamline your workday.

Technical Specifications

1-Touch Level/Span
Yes: automatic contrast enhancement
±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of the reading
Available lenses
14°, 24°, 42°, macro (2x)
Battery operation time
>2.5 hours, typical use
Built-in visual camera
Built-in visual camera
Communication modes
USB 2.0, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, DisplayPort
Digital zoom
1–4x continuous
640 × 480 pixels (VGA) Dragontrail® touchscreen
3 m (6.6 ft)
FLIR software integration
FLIR Thermal Studio Starter, FLIR Thermal Studio, FLIR Thermal Studio Pro, FLIR Research Studio
Focus modes
Continuous laser distance meter (LDM), one-shot LDM, one-shot contrast, manual
IR resolution
320 × 240 pixels
IR, radiometric, visual video recording
IR, radiometric, visual video streaming
Yes, over UVC (radiometric, non-radiometric, visual) and Wi-Fi (non-radiometric, visual)
Laser distance meter
Laser pointer
Lens identification
Automatic (FLIR AutoCalTM)
Measurement presets
None, center spot, hot spot, cold spot, User Presets 1 and 2
Measurement tools
3 spotmeters in live mode, 3 area meters in live mode
MSX® image enhancement
Yes: details from visual camera add depth and perspective
On-camera report building
Voice annotation and GPS tagging to images and video; on-screen text; sketch on infrared images from touchscreen
On-camera routing software
FLIR Inspection RouteTM — enabled
Optional temperature range
300°C to 1000°C (572°F to 1832°F)
Radiometric JPEG
Resolution with UltraMax® enhancement
307,200 pixels
Temperature range
-20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F); 0°C to 650°C (32°F to 1202°F)
Thermal sensitivity
<30 mK @ 30°C (86°F), 42° lens

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