DC Power Supply

High-Precision Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies

SIGLENT manufactures high-precision programmable linear DC power supplies with many useful features including front panel programming, timing output, graphical interface display, a quiet smart temperature-controlled fan, and remote control communication.

The SPD3303 series is the latest high-precision programmable linear DC power supply family from SIGLENT Technologies. The new SPD3303 series design is based on previous SIGLENT designs and not only combines the outstanding features of its predecessors but also brings many new features; including front panel programming, timing output, graphical display, smart temperature-controlled fan and remote control communications.

The SPD3303 series DC Power Supply has separate output channel control and independent triple outputs, independent, series and parallel output modes which allow you to quickly add output voltage (series mode) or add output current (parallel mode) limits by internally linking output 1 and 2. It also includes many advanced features, including comprehensive over voltage/current/temperature protection, 100/120/220/230V compatible design, low ripple and noise, fast transient response, and a USB remote control interface.


Triple Output with 2 Floating Outputs

Provides individual +, - operation or tie them to ground for +/- sourcing (+/- 12V input for op-amp control, for example)


Auto-Series/AutoParallel Connections

Quickly connect CH1 and CH2 in either series or parallel to double voltage/current output (SPD3303X, X-E)


User selectable CC/CV protection limits

Customize your voltage and current limits to protect your circuit/devices

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