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The PRT200 is a non-contact phase sequence tester that tests up to 1000 VAC with visual/audible indication. The tester has a 45 to 65Hz frequency range, features adjustable Hi/Lo LED brightness switch for making measurements in dimly lit areas or sunlight, low battery warning and fully insulated alligator clips with wide jaws. The product has a CAT IV 600 Volt safety rating and is complete with a year warranty.


  • 75 to 1000VAC input voltage with 45 to 65Hz frequency range
  • LEDs indicate phase orientation (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and whether each phase is live
  • Beeper sounds intermittently when correct phase is detected and continuously if phase is reversed
  • Durable housing with back cover magnet for attachment to an AC distribution panel for easy measurement
  • Adjustable Hi/Lo LED brightness switch for making measurements in dimly lit areas or sunlight
  • Fully insulated alligator clips with wide jaws
  • Low battery warning
  • CAT IV-600V safety rating
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.7 x 1.5" (118 x 69 x 38mm); Weight: 13oz (370g)
  • Complete with three built-in 30" test leads with large color-coded alligator clips, four AA batteries, and pouch case

Technical Specifications

5 min. without sequence detection
4 x 1.5V AA
Current consumption
Frequency Range
45 to 65Hz
Input Voltage
75 to 1000VAC
Low Battery Warning
Power LED flashes
Max conductor diameter
33mm (1.3")
Measurement Principle
Static induction
Operating Temperature & Humidity
-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F) Max. 80% R.H.
Probe length
1.5m (59")
Storage Temperature & Humidity
-20°C to 60° (-4°F to 140°F) Max. 80% R.H.

Documents and Downloads

Installing any type of electricity supply whether it would be single or three phase, would need a professional input and cannot be executed other than by authorized personnel. When three phase electrical connections are installed it is important to ensure that the three phases which supply the electricity along with the neutral line are installed correctly. Any faulty installation would damage equipment and cause untold financial disasters which could run into millions of dollars.

Ensure that your three phase electrical supply is installed correctly

The right phase rotation or phase sequence should be maintained during the installation process, if not appliances or machinery connected could operate in the opposite direction and cause tremendous financial loss or even cause human fatalities. Dabbling with electricity is not a joke or child’s play it is important that nothing is left to chance but the installation is executed flawlessly. There is no room for error hence personnel with a high proficiency in three phase installation should undertake the execution of the work.

During and after the installation process the phase rotation meter should be used to ensure the connections are flawless because there is no room for any error to occur. The final connection from the supply line should be as perfect as it should be with the phase rotation meter authenticating the fact.

The phase rotation meter is a very simple hand held contraption which would give the right phase sequence or phase rotation reading to inform you instantly that all is well. Most professionals would ensure that when installing three phase supply to a distribution board that the connection is perfect in every aspect. The phase rotation meter is their “Man Friday” which would give them a very quick reading that they have got it right.

We have come to a very remarkable cross road as far as using and employing electricity is concerned. We have taken it for granted and when switching on an electrical bulb or appliance we do not for a moment consider the importance of its discovery or the generation of it at tremendous cost. We need to conserve electricity for our future generations and be very conscious of the fact about its inherent dangers as well. It is also imperative that we keep a strict check on our electrical supply lines by putting it under test by employing a phase rotation meter.

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