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DELTA SM52-AR-60 1500W DC PROGRAMMABLE 1 PHASE 0-26/52V 60/3 0A

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The Delta SM 1500-Series 1500W programmable DC power supplies are designed for long life at full power. They have excellent dynamic response to load changes and protected against all overload and short circuit conditions. EMC surpasses CE requirements: low emission & high immunity. They offer low audible noise: fan is temperature controlled. Available options include High Speed Programming, Extra Isolation, Interface Options, Sequencer, Digital Encoders, Power Sink etc.


  • 1500W, 0-26/52V, 0-60/30A, 1 Phase
  • Master / Slave parallel and series operation with voltage and current sharing
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC): 0.99 (at 100% load)
  • Efficiency: up to 91% (at full load)
  • Output ripple and spikes: from 1.8 mVrms / 8 mVpp
  • Regulation: from 0.5 mV (0-100% load step)
  • Recovery time: from 100 µs (50-100% load step)
  • Programming speed: from 3.4 ms (10-90%), optional from 0.2 ms
  • Analog programming accuracy: from 0.2%

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