FLIR Ex-series thermal imaging cameras are effective troubleshooting devices for building, mechanical and electrical inspections. FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera has been designed for new and first-time users of thermal imaging cameras since FLIR E5 does not require previous experience to operate and carry out inspections. The simplicity of the FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera helps the user to navigate and pinpoint the camera to carry out the necessary inspection. This device provides the user a real-time thermal overview of the object allows faulting and troubling areas to be instantly detected.

The FLIR E5 has designed to enhance 120 x 90 resolution which is a display feature of 10800 pixels with the accuracy of ±2% where the hidden issues can be easily, quickly, and safely be found without any direct contact with the object. FLIR E5 is to have better image quality and is the ideal option for general electrical, heating, plumbing, and building inspections where its capability to instantly distinguish problematic areas implies that failures can be avoided. By providing thermal images along with accurate temperature measurements, the E5 is the ideal budget-friendly thermal imaging camera that FLIR has introduced. FLIR E5 can feature and measure hot or cold spots accurately with emissivity controls.

A simple button is required to operate the camera and a focus-free lens with simple setting navigation ease the use of this device. With the focus-free wide-angle lens that offers a 45-degree viewing angle, the FLIR E5 is equipped to capture larger areas from a shorter distance while a built-in visual camera takes digital images that can be used together with thermal images as a reference point for easier fault location and more comprehensive reporting. FLIR E5 is built with the feature of picture-in-picture which enhanced that the thermal image inserted into a digital image. Exclusive MSX image enhancement technology adds key details from the onboard visible light camera onto the entire infrared image in real-time so that the user will be able to see the results immediately on the display of the camera. This creates an all-in-one undiluted thermal image with visible light features to help the user to determine where the problematic heat pattern is located.

The FLIR E5 arrives provided in a robust carry case comprehensive with the charger, calibration certificate, and a download lead. The camera is also supplied with FLIR's Tools Software used for post-analysis of your images. temperature measurements to the thermal image can be added by the users altogether in the software, add notes, create and customize professional reports. The quality of FLIR Tools software goes hand in hand with the quality of the camera and combined they form a powerful thermal imaging package. FLIR software tool has compatible options for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Complete with powerful thermal imaging and analysis features, FLIR E5 is an extremely cost-effective camera for obtaining good quality thermal images packed full of the valuable temperature data required to make decisions regarding the status of your electric and HVAC systems as well as other fault-finding applications.

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