FLIR One Pro is an advanced device that can be connected to your iPhone or Android device and turn the device into a thermal imaging camera. This device has been designed to incorporate all three types of USB connectors which are Apple IOS, USB Type-C and micro-USB connectors. FLIR One Pro can be used to identify and inspect any invisible leakages and will be able to solve the problem faster. So that FLIR One Pro will be useful for most industries. Most of the people who work in industries which has a harsh environment and even homeowners would prefer to use the iPhone with the case itself since the device is safe and protective in it. This is a smart device because of the special feature which is the built-in telescoping lighting connection. With that, the port of the FLIR One Pro will be lifted to facilitate an appropriate connection with the iPhone. With that the user will be able to use the iPhone with the case in, to work with the FLIR One Pro device. Additionally, the telescoping lightning t connection is reversible so that the port can be turned in to either direction to give the thermal camera an additional clearance. This device is rechargeable, and a built-in USB Type-C port will be found in the device for charging purposes. Also, the corresponding charging cable is added to the package will be an additional advantage. In addition, FLIR One Pro is comparably smaller and will be easy to use with mobile devices.

FLIR had been launched the FLIR One mobile application for android devices and iPhones which is available for free on the Apps store and play store. In the mobile application, the user will be able to find the tips and tricks of different ways in which FLIR One Pro can be used and the recent news information regarding FLIR One Pro. The camera section is the main fraction of the FLIR One Pro mobile application. When the user enters the camera section, the device will be asking the user to connect the FLIR One Pro with your mobile device. Once the FLIR One Pro is securely attached to the device user will be able to see the view of the camera in a thermal image and the different options where the thermal images can be viewed. The user will be able to switch between visible, thermal, or MSX camera visualization options, where MSX is essentially a composite of both the visible in the thermal camera to visualize the thermal image and provides the user with a better and more discernable image. In addition to that, the user will be able to select the options between different color palettes which helps the user to identify certain waveforms generated by the infrared energy arising from all the objects in your environment. Also, the built-in spot meter helps to pinpoint certain locations within the viewfinder and the user would come up with a rough estimation of the temperature. It is important to be aware that some of the accuracies will be determined by how close and how far the object and the user is while capturing the object.

FLIR One Pro extends a greater resolution of 4x the native resolution of the FLIR ONE Pro LT with the effect of 19,200-pixel resolution. Also, the image clarity is enhanced by the revolutionary FLIR VividIR. FLIR One Pro measured the temperatures which are higher than any other thermal imagers, up to 400°C (752°F). In addition to that this has the thermal sensitivity that can detects temperature differences down to 70 mK and makes the work easier.


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