• FLIR T840


FLIR T840 has been launched by FLIR systems as a basic thermal imaging camera from the Expert T-series. Outfitted with high resolution, the T840 features a bright screen and an integrated viewfinder to help plant and power plant managers in particular industries, and all thermography professionals in general, to detect and diagnose faulty components in all lighting circumstances, in order to avoid costly incisions and production interruptions. Furthering from the award-winning design of FLIR's T-Series camera platform, the T840 features an ergonomic body, a bright LCD touchscreen and a viewfinder for ease of use in all light conditions. The camera, with a resolution of 464 x 348 pixels, incorporates the sophisticated Vision Processing system, which includes patented MSX image enhancement technology, UltraMax and FLIR's proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms, to provide customers with precision measurement and great image sharpness, halving the amount of noise compared to previous models.

With 180-degree swivel lens platform, FLIR T840 features an ergonomic design that reduces user fatigue during long inspection days and can diagnose hard-to-reach components in substations and distribution lines. The FLIR T840 also includes quick reporting features that keep users organized in the field. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection with the FLIR Tools app, the user can easily inspect problems in real time while the built-in GPS in the camera automatically adds geolocation data to the image files, to simplify their identification and facilitate documentation.

Thermal Cameras have a lot of advantages when it comes to the detection of electrical faults, as they are quick and non-contact which means the use of equipment can be uninterrupted while the thermal survey is taking place. The FLIR T840 can be used effectively both indoors and outdoors, making it versatile and useful to a far wider audience. Some examples of its uses are monitoring pylon connections, keeping power flowing through distribution networks at residential & commercial level, and checking distribution panels, transmission lines & capacitors. The FLIR T840 can also come with an optional 6-degree lens, which allows professionals to capture precise temperature readings on small targets at great distances, such as connectors on overhead power distribution lines. Additionally, sophisticated on-board measurement tools, exclusively found on recent FLIR T-Series allow users to quickly locate the problems to make crucial decisions more easily.

If an electrical connection in any electrical transmission system is not working properly, it may not operate efficiently or safely. It is important to regularly inspect every connection to ensure that they are in working order, but this can be challenging. Every system has lots of small connections, often located high up or out of reach. Importantly, most of the cases connections heat before they fail. Conducting regular surveys of substations and transmission lines using thermal imaging devices such as the T840 gives any of the user a great of potential problems. The user will be able to measure temperature from a safe distance and diagnose problems before outages occur, therefore minimizing the cost of repairs, maximizing equipment life, and keeping the power on for all the FLIR users.

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