• How to tell if your house is missing insulation

Insulation is an important aspect to regulating the temperature of a home as it has the ability to help keep it warm throughout the winter months and keep it cool in the summer months, additionally it assists in helping to keep your electricity bills down. Insulation provides protection for your home because it is formed from a mixture of cellulose, fiberglass and mineral wool and it is installed into the walls and roof. Insulation can help to reduce any moisture created from condensation that natural occurs from damaging your walls or ceiling.

Finding out whether insulation is missing was previously quite difficult, as many would be left to tear down the walls of their home to find out if the insulation was there or not, but there is a simpler and more efficient process to find out if insulation is missing these days, and that is by using a thermal imager.

When insulation is missing the heat or cold will have the ability to infiltrate, allowing the thermal imager to easily pick up hot or cold spots in your walls or ceilings. FLIR recommends to achieve the best result when finding any missing insulation using a thermal imaging is to ensure that there is at least a 20-degree temperature difference between the inside and outside. Areas in a home where you may commonly find missing insulation are around switches and power outlets, attics, and garages.

Our team at TRIO recommend a FLIR ONE Pro or FLIR C5 to find out whether you have missing insulation in your home. Once you can locate any missing insulation, you can arrange for it to be fixed immediately to help improve the temperature in your home and decrease those electricity bills. To purchase your FLIR One Pro or FLIR C5 thermal imaging camera, contact our team on customerservice@ipd.com.au or 1300 556 601. 

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