• NEW: SPS5000X Series wide range programmable switching DC Power Supply

Introducing the new SPS5000X series wide range programmable switching DC power supply, now available from TRIO Test and Measurement, providing you with a powerful and flexible DC power source with excellent load control properties.

The latest SPS5000X series wide range programmable switching DC power supply offers high power density, lower weight and has a maximum power output of 1080W. Available with up to ten combinations of voltage and current to suit your application requirements and in addition to the standard single channel device, the SPS5000X series offers two and three channel devices.

There are three performance classes in the SPS5000X series, made up of 360, 720 and 1080W, with the maximum current output up to 90A and the maximum voltage output is 160V. One of the key features of these units is the parallel mode, giving the unit the capability to deliver a maximum output power of up to 3240W. The smart technology in used in these DC power supplies allow for an integrated web server to configure the device quickly and efficiently without the use of any software, making it simple for the user.

Flexibility is one of the great features of the SPS5000X series, allowing for each unit to adjust the voltage and current output in constant power mode, and by doing so, allows for a larger range of current and the integrated list function supports up to 50 individual steps for sequences output of voltage and current patterns, which can be inputted quickly and easily by importing a sequence list in a CSV format via USB or the web interface to the device.

The SPS5000X series has a range of protection modes including over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and maximum power limit, additionally to this the SPS5000X series offers an internal discharge circuit to further ensure the devices safety capacity.

For more information on the SPS5000X Series wide range programmable switching DC power supply, contact your local TRIO test and measure representative today on 1300 556 601.

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