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Product Code: SDS1104X-E

Reviewed By : David Byrne

Senior Electronics Engineer

After my old HP CRO (yes, it was a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope) died just when I needed it last Friday, I decided to update to the Siglent SDS-1104X-E after spending an entire Saturday doing some research on a replacement oscilloscope. This new oscilloscope is worth every cent. I put it to work straight away debugging a UART issue on a PCB. This oscilloscope's usability, features and quality of manufacture are excellent and the display is crisp and clear. It is also very intuitive to use. I am delighted with this oscilloscope, having used it for a couple of days without any issues. Boot up time is quick. The fan noise is fairly low and noticeable but not annoying at all. A little fan noise is good as a reminder you left the oscilloscope on. Comes with four pretty decent probes with probe accessories. (You will need to tune the probes using the tool supplied and the the 1kHz square wave output from the oscilloscope prior to first use.) I would recommend this oscilloscope to anyone wanting a well prices, good performance, general purpose oscilloscope. The serial decoding function is a nice bonus. Another pleasant experience was dealing with Trio Test & Measurement (IPD). The price was competitive, and I felt comfortable buying from a trusted local vendor. Trio quickly answered my enquiry email about stock and I paid online. The oscilloscope was dispatched dispatched from Trio in Sydney straight away, and it was in my hands in Melbourne (>900km away) the every next day - for only $20 delivery. The oscilloscope was also well packaged. Impressive. The whole experience was positive and I will consider Trio for more test equipment in the future.


Reviewed By : Niels Endres

Industrial Control Systems Manager

I can't but help echo David's sentiments. I was in need of a high feature but reasonable-cost scope. I was looking at options from Rigol, Keysight, and Siglent. The combination of large sample memory and segmented memory support tipped the scales for me on paper. Ordered from Trio (IPD) and arrived literally next day. Having used the scope for a week now, I can only say that I didn't put enough emphasis on the value of the memory storage component, it's a game changer. The ability to capture a long waveform and then zoom into details, and the ability to segment your memory and capture a large number of glitches/errors over a few hours, changed the way I approached a problem, saving me significant time and effort. If you're looking for a capable scope with features at a price point that'd have been unthinkable only a few years ago, this is definitely one to consider!


Reviewed By : Jaycob

Mechatronics Engineering Student/Intern

The scope is great to use, interface is a little bit slow, though nothing worse than you'd expect for the price point. The serial decode and serial triggering are easy to use and super handy. Trio Test was great, quick in responding to emails, and the scope was ordered late Friday afternoon, shipped Monday and in my hands by Tuesday.


Reviewed By : Thomas Spring

Electrical & Instrumentstion Engineer

Excellent scope for the price. Better sample rate and memory depth than a lot of the competitors. Also comes stock with serial decode (not an add on) which is handy. Signal gen and mso/logic analyser can be added at a price. The real winner for me is the fft, it is one of the best implemented ffts I have experience on a scope let alone a budget scope. I had an issue with my order but called triotest and they sorted it out in less than an hour. Scope came in one business day too.


Reviewed By : Roman

Hobbyist retired engineer

Ordered this from Sydney Tuesday morning, delivered on my doorstep Wednesday lunch time, working on my bench half an hour later. Super service, great price, excellent instrument. I was concerned that the transition from my old faithful analog would be a tad complex, but the controls are very intuitive, and one day later I’m doing all sorts of things I could only have dreamt of in my earlier days!


Reviewed By : David O

Robotics / Electronics University Student

The SDS1104X-E has unmatched value, only usurped for some by the new 1104X-U. Omissions from this new model include the 1M FFT and the possibility of 16 digital channels as well as some other minor changes like a 2ns/div max timebase vs the SDS1104X-E's 1ns/div. These feature are worth having in the 1104X-E, at least for me, especially when the sale price of an SDS1104X-E is so close to the RRP of the SDS1104X-U. The scope is very easy to use, though has some operational difference compared to other brands. Once familiar with it, its easy to setup measurements and acquire data. One of the strongest features of this scope is the serial decode, and other protocol decoding modes. This is often an addon or extra feature which is only reserved for more expensive scopes, but Siglent delivered. The massive memory depth is a must have over cheaper (or sometimes more expensive) scopes which can only capture data in the tens-of-thousands of points. Being able to single shot capture at a 14M memory depth and zoom all the way in to explore the signal is fantastic. Though do note that the 14M of memory is not always available at some timebases, the full memory depth can be found in the history mode, one of the operational differences I mentioned earlier. Certainly not as elegant as solutions from Keysight, but not a deal breaker for the price. As for Trio Test and the IPD group, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the IPD group had a location in SA. The scope was ready to pickup within a working week and though the warehouse was non-descript, the service and condition of the package was excellent. I would highly recommend Trio Test, especially during sale time, its hard to find a better deal in Australia.


Reviewed By : David Armstrong

Bought this to replace my 38 year old GW GOS-2310 scope, which still works. This is a world away in every way. Haven't had much of a play yet, but there is nothing wrong so far & the menu's are easy to work out. Super fast service from everyone involved, even the courier. Product Manager, Sim Cheema, is excellent to deal with.


Reviewed By : Ms Kathy Quinlan

My Beloved TEK TDS220 from 1996 has major screen issues :( But I guess it has served me well for all these years :). Last Sunday The screen became unreadable and I was on the hunt for a new scope. I looked at a few reviews from Dave at EEVBlog, read a few comparisons between the SDS1104X-E and Rigol etc. Being a small business money is always tight but I kept coming back to the Siglent. I tried to ring up Monday forgetting that over east it was a public holiday :( I finally got in touch with Sim Cheema late Tuesday, the order was processed early Wednesday and Thursday afternoon the Carton hit the bench :) I have had a quick play (without reading any manuals as I wanted to see how intuitive the controls are and I am surprised It is very intuitive) The Price was great, The service was excellent and the product seems excellent value for money :) I will now be using Trio for all my future test equipment requirements :) Kat. :)


Product Code: C5

Reviewed By : Oliver

Camera works as expected and delivery was super quick which is much appreciated. Thanks.


Product Code: SDM3065X

Reviewed By : Allan Meredith

Hi, A few thoughts after a few months of owning an excellent device. As an electronic hobbyist and Ham radio operator, I was looking for value but accuracy when searching for a bench meter. The 3065 delivers both easily. Much less than some of the "big" names but with ever bit the performance. Testing and tuning is a breeze with the 6.5 digit resolution and just knowing that it is right, to much better accuracy than I have ever had before, gives so much confidence. The dual display is such a bonus when you need to have multiple readings on screen at once and the graphing etc. makes viewing trends so easy. Network access to the PC gives you even more data logging options. The screen is great for my old eyes and even small things like continuity is loud enough for me to hear! Small things make a difference. As my title says " my most used tool" and it by far is and I continue to find more and more that this device can do for me. A real winner.


Product Code: SDS1204X-E

Reviewed By : Balbi Virdi

Nice Product- Worth the money. IPD gave instant response even after 6 month of purchase. So I would say wonderful service.


Product Code: SDS2104X-PLUS

Reviewed By : Allan Meredith

This is my fifth piece of test equipment from Siglent and as ever the build, specs, and all-around value for money I think are second to none. Add to that the service from Sim and the team at IPD and you have a winner. This was an upgrade from the 1104x-e scope, which was excellent in its own right, but the extra features like the 6 included feature licences and the onboard AWG make this so much better. The specs and reviews online speak for themself but it is using it for a while that makes you appreciate how good this unit is. The speed is brilliant as is the excellent 10.1 screen. No glare and a joy to use the touch feature, which is extremely responsive. I especially like the Power Analysis and the 50ohm input option features but regardless of what you are wanting to do, in your situation, I am positive this unit will do it and more!


Reviewed By : Ron Marsh

Engineering Officer (Retd)

I am a retired engineer, a ham radio operator, and an Associate Fellow of Engineers Australia in the Electronics & Electrical Colleges. I wanted an advanced oscilloscope to continue my electronics hobby into retirement, and this Siglent DSO does that perfectly. This oscilloscope does everything I need and the 6 free software licences, including activation of the onboard 50MHz AWG is a welcome bonus. I chose this brand and model after spending a very long time researching online reviews of various other brands and models looking at features, functions and build quality in the price range that suited me. If you are looking at a scope of this calibre, you will undoubtedly have looked at the relevant datasheet, so there is no need for me to repeat the impressive list of specifications. However, I will say that the 10.1 inch display makes extended viewing much more comfortable for my aging eyes. The IPD Test & Measurement - Product Manager (Sim) and the Sales Manager (Michael) were very professional and great to deal with. I have no hesitation in buying products from IPD again. Delivery was superfast (next day) to Far North Qld.


Product Code: SPD3303X-E

Reviewed By : David Armstrong

Wanted a linear PSU for Dual Tracking ability among other features. This works exactly as described & is easy to use. No fan noise in normal use is great.


Product Code: SVA1032X

Reviewed By : Allan Meredith

HI, Just a few basic thoughts from a mainly a hobbyist perspective. I purchased this as my interest extended into the 2.4g wireless as well as my main Ham radio interests. As somewhat a beginner I was after a tool that could test everything for me but also help me learn. So far, 6 months, it has been excellent in both respects. The screen is great and being touch is such a bonus. Stability and accuracy are excellent and not that different even after attaching an external GPSDO. The tracking generator is a must and very useful as a signal generator /reference as well. SWR measurement and Smith Charts are so great on the big screen. Being able to "see" what the signals are doing is such a wonderful learning experience. As a maker and ham radio operator Im sure I will get many years of both using and learning out of the excellent device.


Product Code: SSA3021x-plus

Reviewed By : Terry

I purchased an SSA3021X Plus to replace a rather ageing Spectrum Analyser and the sales staff were most helpful and courteous. The Analyser arrived well packed and very quickly. As for the actual analyser, after using and old school, no menu, no onscreen display unit, it is going to take some figuring out. The included manual on the Cd is well, in my opinion, not the best, while it tells you what the buttons do, it is very short on HOW to do something, OK for those used to modern menu driven test equipment, but basically useless to newcomers to the this style of equipment. I am sure after a bit of time spent with it, all will come good, it looks well built and robust and is very responsive to the touch screen.


Product Code: SDG1032X

Reviewed By : David Armstrong

Got this as my 40 year old home brew sig gen couldn't do anything complex. Creating modulated signals to test radios creates a nice real world scenario. This generator is really easy to use. Being able to combine the two outputs is handy too. It also talks to my Siglent scope for Bode plots etc. Nice instrument

Product Code: SVA1015X

Reviewed By : David Armstrong

Never had a Spectrum Analyser before but always wanted one. This has VNA & a Tracking Generator built in. Fantastic for testing antenna's, filters, radio's etc. I can finally test everything I've built. The user interface is easy to work out & it performs really well.

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