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Modiewark Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Product Code: MODW-TESTER

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Its unique switching action allows for the identification of alternating currents at a distance between 200 mm and 300 mm from a voltage source from 110 volts to 750,000 volts. The Modiewark has been used by industry professionals since the early 70’s for live or dead voltage determination of overhead power lines and underground power at the URD test point. Firstly as a proximity device to determine live or dead situations and then as a touch device to verify the tester has physically reached the AC field around designated mains under test.


  • Identifying live conductors.
  • Fault finding in flexible cables.
  • Checking equipment grounding.
  • Tracking live wires above and below ground at URD test points.

Technical Specifications

Length 230mm, Width 65.85mm, Cap diameter 90mm
IP rating
IP 63
Light source
3*High intensity LED
Operating temperature
-10 to 65°C
Sound Source
Electromagnetic piezo 85 dB @ 5cm
Voltage sensing range
50V AC to 750KV AC
Weight (no Batteries)

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