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Modiewark Spout Tester

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The Modiewark spout tester is used specifically for the testing of live or dead spout applications up to 33kv. The Modiewark spout tester can be configured with, any voltage range required starting with 240 volts and ending in 33kv. The spout tester length can be configured for any purpose that is required; information on this can be obtained from our sales staff. The Spout heads can be configured to any length up to 400 mm and asshort as 50 mm. The diameters of the head of the spout can vary to fit the application 20mm dia to 46 mm dia.


  • Led to Identify Voltage
  • Universal Sunrise Handle
  • Various Voltage Ranges.

Technical Specifications

IP rating
IP 63
Light source
3*High intensity LED
Sound Source
Electro-magnetic piezo 85 dB @ 5cm
Voltage Setting Range
50V AC to 33KV

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