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    TRIO Test & Meaurement has an extensive range of clamp meters. Our clamp meters are arranged in categories sorted by manufacturers, encompassing many of the leading clamp meter suppliers in the world.
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    We offer a broad line of electrical safety test instruments. These include dielectric withstand testers, multi-function electrical safety compliance analyzers, hipot testers, insulation resistance testers, ground bond testers, line leakage testers and medical test systems.


    We also offer electrical safety test systems and stand-alone software for our fully automated lines of testers. Additionally, we have available a complete line of electrical safety testing accessories.


    Electrical safety tests are loosely broken down into 2 separate groups, design or type tests, and routine production line tests. Design tests are usually performed to detect product flaws during the design stage of an electrical product. The information retrieved from a design test is useful for finding potential problems with product design and development. Production line tests are usually required to be performed on 100% of the products leaving a facility for sale to consumers.

    A production line test helps to ensure a particular product is safe for consumer use.

    Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test - This test, commonly referred to as a Hipot test, is used to stress the insulation of a product far beyond what it would it encounter during normal operation. High voltage is applied from the mains-input lines to the chassis of the product in order to look for insulation breakdown. The hipot test is a 100% production line test and can be performed using either an AC or a DC voltage.

    Ground Continuity Test - This test is usually used to determine if the ground wire of a product is intact. A low volt-age is applied from the chassis of the product to the ground pin in order to determine if the appropriate amount of current flows.

    Ground Bond Test - This test is used to verify that the ground conductor of a product has a low enough impedance to han-dle any fault current to ground. High current flows from the ground pin of the product's line cord and through the chassis in order to determine if the cabling is capable of handling excessive current flow should a fault occur.

    Insulation Resistance Test - This test is used to verify the resistance of a product’s insulation by applying a DC volt-age and measuring the resulting leakage current.

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    Choose from a large range of bench and laboratory power supplies from amongst the best power supply manufacturers in the World. From hobbiest looking for simple bench or lab supplies right up to advanced ATE power supplies for research and industry.
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