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Moisture Meters

Moisture Meter FAQ

Q. Does my moisture meter read moisture content or does it give me a relative reading?
It is meter dependent. Pin meters will read in % wood moisture and Pinless meters measure moisture in a relative scale. Check the data sheet for the meter of interest.

Q. Do you have moisture meters that will work on brick, concrete and other similar materials?
Extech/Flir does not have a moisture meter that will make accurate measurements in brick and concrete. Accurately measuring moisture in concrete (ASTM 2170) requires humidity plugs to be placed into the concrete surface.

Q. For making wood measurements with the pin style moisture meters - how far do the pins on my meter need to be inserted for an accurate measurement?
Insertion into the wood should be to at least a 0.08" (2mm) depth for the highest accuracy. If this is not possible, carefully insert the test pins as far as possible without undue force.

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