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Multimeters - Handheld

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  • Center Technology
  • Extech Instruments

    With more than 40 years' of product innovation, Extech is the undisputed leader when it comes to offering you a comprehensive lineup of test and measurement tools that are known for their powerful combination of quality, reliability, and value.

    Whether you're an electrical contractor, plant maintenance technician, facilities manager, or HVAC professional, Extech arms you with rugged, reliable, and affordable tools that you can trust on every job.

    When you're thinking about buying a new test and measurement device, look for the brand that stands out with a long history of innovation, dependability, and value. Look for Extech.

    Tough Tools for Tough Budgets
  • FLIR
  • IDEAL Industries
  • Keysight Technologies

    Whatever your applications are, Keysight’s handheld digital multimeters are up to the task. From electronics troubleshooting to installation and maintenance of machinery, our handheld DMMs are designed to withstand the harsh working conditions and improve safety. Our range of handheld DMMs are also equipped with smart features to help you quickly detect problems and obtain accurate measurements.

  • Kyoritsu