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ADLINK aspires to be a responsible corporation in terms of labor standards, human rights and environmental protection.Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policies are in accordance with the UN Global Compact Principles.


Test and Measurement focuses on dedicated equipment for analysis, validation, and verification of electronic device measurement, mechanical systems, and end products. As complexity of measurement tasks increases, providers are required to develop innovative products with higher accuracy and resolution and flexible system expandability to keep up with technological progress.
Common Test and Measurement Applications:
Aerospace and Defense
Automotive Electronics
Electronic Function
Radar and Broadband Signal Capture
Research and Development
Benchtop instruments are conventionally employed in the test and measurement industry. Modular instrumentation (PXI platform, Digitizers/Oscilloscope), as an open architecture can, however, provide enormous benefits of compact footprint, high density, high throughput, and flexibility, enabling configuration of design verification systems based on different testing requirements. For long-term investment, the PXI platform simplifies upgrades and conserves long-term cost of ownership, easily satisfying challenges in the field.

High System Throughput
The PXI PC-based solution provides advantages of the latest high performance processors, reducing post-processing time. The PXIe backplane bus utilizes the PC industry's PCI Express® Gen2 technology, greatly increasing throughput and reducing latency. This technology helps transfer data between modules and controller at higher speeds, reducing test time especially for data and transaction intensive test applications.
Flexibility and Scalability
PXI is an open standard defined by the PXI Systems Alliance, ensuring that modules from different vendors can be used together. In addition, by integrating the bus into the backplane of the chassis, it is possible to continuously scale systems, with PXI trigger & synchronization function, enabling simultaneous precision multi-channel sampling.
Smaller Footprint
Aside from taking advantage of Moore's Law of integration and miniaturization, removal of redundant functions in an integrated system takes precedence. PXI removes redundancy and can save up to 80% of the space of traditional systems, expanding flexibility of function and minimizing upgrade complexity and cost.

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