Basic Supplies



Basic Supplies

E3600 and U8000 Series Basic Power Supplies - Essential features for a tight budget

The E3600 Series offers an extensive choice of voltages, programmability, and number of outputs.

The U8000 Series offers more affordable DC power and provides features typical only in programmable power supplies, such as output sequencing capability, fully integrated overvoltage and overcurrent protection, capability to save and recall up to three memory states, keypad lock and more.


6030 Series Basic Autoranging DC Power Supplies - Autoranging to do the job of multiple power supplies
The 6030 Series basic power supplies offer autoranging outputs that give you maximum power at a variety of operating voltages. This
enables you to use one power supply to do the job of multiple power supplies, saving rack space and reducing your system complexity.

N5700 Series and N8700 Series Basic DC Power Supplies - Space-saving basic power with modern interfaces

Now get up to 5200 W in a compact, 2U package with the N8700 Series or up to 1560 W in a compact, 1U package with the N5700 Series.
Both series offers solid performance and a variety of basic and enhanced capabilities.


N8900 Series Autoranging System DC Power Supplies - High-power, autoranging output does the job of multiple supplies

The N8900 Series autoranging DC power supplies provide unprecedented lexibility by offering a wide range of voltage and current combinations at full power. Just one N8900 does the job of multiple power supplies! It’s like having many power supplies in one!

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