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  • Amplifiers


    The FLC Electronics amplifiers are designed to extend the output range of low voltage signal sources. They are general purpose devices with a very low output impedance and fast response. The output is linear from DC up to megahertz range.


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  • Antennas
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  • EMC Chambers

    EMC Chamber

    EMC Chamber - Flexible EMC Test & Measurement Solutions.

    MVG provides anechoic EMC chamber and absorbing materials for antenna and EMC measurement and testing as well as RF and EMP shielding. Our SmartShieldTM modular shielding and precision cut and coated absorbers are designed with the flexibility to meet specific customer requirements. Our knowledge gained from over 30 years of experience ensures the high quality and durability of our products and the expertise from our team. For EMC Test and Measurement Solutions we design,manufacture,supply and install shielded enclosures, anechoic emc chambers, shielded doors, absorbers and more. Through our partnership with Amplifier Research (AR), we can provide exceptional turnkey solutions for the most demanding EMC requirements.


    EMC Chamber EMC 10

    EMC-10 Anechoic Chamber
    30-18 000 MHz
    The Gold standard for Anechoic Chamber EMC testing, this 10 meter test range ensures fully compliant Emission and Immunity testing and is compliant to CISPR-16 with a measurement zone diameter of 4 meters or greater. The most versatile and accurate of EMC test chambers. Ferrite tiles and hybrid pyramidal absorbers allow for high accuracy and performance while meeting compact space requirements.  
    Anechoic Chamber
    EMC-3 Anechoic Chamber
    26-40 000 MHz
    A 3 meter test range ensuring fully compliant Emission and Immunity testing. Ferrite and hybrid pyramidal absorbers are combined in a unique pattern within a SmartShield high performance chamber. Operating at a 3m test distance, this chamber is compliant to CISPR-16 with a measurement zone diameter of 1-2 meters.


        EMC Compact Chamber

    EMC-3C Compact EMC Chamber
    30-18 000 MHz
    This compact 3 meter test range will settle into test areas of limited space while continuing to produce exceptional performance for EMC measurement. Emission quiet zones of up to 1.5m are accommodated with very repeatable results. Suitable for EMC pre-compliance emissions and compliant immunity testing.

        Anechoic Chamber

    EMC-5 Anechoic Chamber
    30-18 000 MHz
    A 5 meter test range ensuring fully compliant Emission and Immunity testing. Ferrite and hybrid pyramidal absorbers are combined in a unique pattern within a SmartShield high performance chamber. Operating at a 5m test distance, this chamber is compliant to CISPR-16 with a measurement zone diameter of 2-4 meters.
  • EMC Testing


    EMSCAN provides leading edge lab bench solutions for magnetic near-field measurement, for both Printed Circuit Board Engineers and Antenna Engineers.


    EMSCAN solutions not only require low CAPEX and zero OPEX, they also deliver significant ROI advantages for our clients. Clients typically source value from

    • Immediate reduction in outsourced/allocated anechoic chamber costs
    • Higher revenues from substantially shortened time-to-market
    • Increased designer productivity; lower costs and elevated innovation


    EMSCAN has helped transform the design process for leading manufacturers of cellular, WiFi, RFID, military, consumer electronics, automotive, semi conductor and medical devices.

  • Frequency Counters
  • Frequency References
  • LCR Meters

    MICROTEST 6630 Impedance analyzer frequency from 10 Hz to 3/5/10/20/30 MHz, it supports USB, LAN, GPIB and RS232 interfaces

  • Metrology
    Guildline Instruments, founded in 1957, manufactures and markets ultra-precise instruments for the fields of metrology and oceanography. Our products are used for research and as the primary instrument with respect to establishing traceability to fundamental electrical standards. Key customer markets include national research laboratories, national metrology institutes, militaries, nuclear power plants, aerospace, and companies in the electrical and power industry.

    guildline logo 50yearsMost Guildline instruments are unique and represent the only commercially available instrument capable of accuracy in the sub parts-per-million range. The team of Guildline engineering and manufacturing experts is recognized around the world for the performance and quality of the Company’s products. Many of these instruments were, and continue to be, developed in conjunction with government research institutions such as the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC).

  • Microwave Cables
    JUNFLON® MWX products are flexible signal transmission lines that take advantage of the remarkable properties of fluoropolymers.

    They are suitable for use with a wide range of frequencies up to 67 GHz.

    These products feature low insertion loss and low VSWR, low signal leaks and low interference due to high shielding effectiveness, and higher density wiring for use in the narrow device interiors.

    Junkosha provides highly reliable products for microwave/millimeter wave applications tailored to customer assembly needs.

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  • Multimeters - Bench
  • Oscilloscopes

    The Perfect Balance of Low Cost and High Quality: Keysight's 1000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

  • Oscilloscope Probes
  • Probers
    High Performance, cost effective Probe Systems

  • Protocol Analysis
  • Source Measure Units

    Keysight B2900A Series Precision Source / Measure Units are cost-effective source/measurement solutions offering superior performance and a best-in-class graphical user interface.


    The Keysight B2900A series of SMUs provide best-in-class performance for a modest price. They have broad voltage (210 V) and current (3 A DC and 10.5 A pulsed) sourcing capability, excellent precision (minimum 10 fA/100 nV sourcing and measuring resolution) and possess a superior color LCD graphical user interface. In addition, several task-based viewing modes dramatically improve productivity for test, debug and characterization.

    The Keysite B2900A series offers unmatched measurement throughput and supports the conventional SMU SCPI command set for easy test code migration. These features improve test productivity and lower the cost of ownership when integrating the SMUs into systems for production test.

    The Keysite B2900A series consists of four models, the B2901A, B2902A, B2911A and B2912A, differentiated through their measurement specifications and by the number of SMU channels (one or two) they support. This makes it easy to select the exact price/performance point to meet your testing needs.

  • RF Signal Generators
  • Spectrum Analysers

    Berkeley Nucleonics PC-Controlled Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSA)



    The BNC Model RTSA7500 has all the standard features of a spectrum analyzer such as frequency controls, marker functions and multi-trace functionality. It also includes a real-time trigger mode for measuring complex data signals such as Wi-Fi and LTE along with markers for tracking specific frequencies.

  • Waveform Generators