Environmental Measurement devices for airflow, temperature, moisture, light, gas detection, pipe and cable location, vibration, speed, humidity and others

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  • Cable & Pipe Locators
    Choosing a Cable and pipe locator from Radio Detection.
    CAT4 & GENNY4
    • Cable Avoidance Tool. Entry level product.
    • Identifies Power, Radio and Active Signals.
    • Provides a Peak Signal only.
    • Provides Depth when used with GENNY 33kHz signal (0.1W/1.0W Power).
    • Simple to use with reliable results.
    • Widely utilised by Utilities, Councils and Contractors that basically need to know where not to dig.
    RD7100+ and TX1/5/10
    • Survey quality location tool.
    • Identifies Power, Radio and several Active Signals.
    • Provides a Peak and Null indication, plus Compass.
    • Provides Depth and Current when used with TX Transmitter.
    • Four models with Frequencies specifically targeted at specific industries. DL (Water), SL
      (Construction), PL (Power) and TL (Telecoms).
    RD8100 and TX1/5/10
    • Survey quality location tool, favoured by the professional locator.
    • Identifies Power, Radio and multiple Active Signals.
    • Provides a Peak and Null indication, plus Compass.
    • Provides Depth and Current when used with TX Transmitter, and can provide advanced diagnostics.
    • Three models. PXL (General Purpose) and PDL and PTL (Fault Finding).
    RD7K+/RD8K MRX and TX1/5/10 (Marker Locators)
    • Survey quality location tool offering all the benefits of the RD7000+ and RD8000.
    • A folding foot when enabled allows for the location of RF Marker Balls
    • RF markers contain a tuned circuit(s).
    • RD7K8K marker locators excite the marker
    • Passive circuit inside marker produces a spherical RF field.
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  • EMF Meters
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  • Inspection Cameras



    Inspection cameras, or sometimes called borescopes allow for visual inspections in difficult to access areas. TRIO Test & Measurement has a range of inspection cameras for you to choose from.

  • Light Meters

    Light Meter FAQ

    Q. Do you have a light meter that measures light pulses/flashes or strobes?
    The Extech EasyView EA30 is the only model that can measure light pulses/flashes or strobes. It has a peak hold feature that can capture short light pulses as fast as 100µS (100 microseconds).

    Q. Do you have a light meter that measures very high light levels?
    Extech has Light Meters that can measure as high as 99,990Fc/999,900Lux with resolutions of 0.001Fc & 0.01 Lux. You can view the complete specifications of our light meters online. If you need more assistance, please contact our Tech Support for further assistance.

    Q. Do you have a meter that can measure colored light and light forms other than visible light (LED's/Blacklight/UV)?
    Extech has various light meters that are designed to measure the intensity of visible light, white LEDs, white and color (red, yellow, green, blue, purple) LEDs, and UV (sunlight).

    Q. What is the correct procedure to make measurements with my light meter?
    The operation manual for your light meter will provide you with the basic information on how to make light measurements with your meter. Further light measuring procedures are outlined in local, state & federal lighting standards & compliance's that are applicable to specific applications.

  • Moisture Meters

    Moisture Meter FAQ

    Q. Does my moisture meter read moisture content or does it give me a relative reading?
    It is meter dependent. Pin meters will read in % wood moisture and Pinless meters measure moisture in a relative scale. Check the data sheet for the meter of interest.

    Q. Do you have moisture meters that will work on brick, concrete and other similar materials?
    Extech/Flir does not have a moisture meter that will make accurate measurements in brick and concrete. Accurately measuring moisture in concrete (ASTM 2170) requires humidity plugs to be placed into the concrete surface.

    Q. For making wood measurements with the pin style moisture meters - how far do the pins on my meter need to be inserted for an accurate measurement?
    Insertion into the wood should be to at least a 0.08" (2mm) depth for the highest accuracy. If this is not possible, carefully insert the test pins as far as possible without undue force.
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  • Ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic inspection instruments,
    meet the world’s most advanced systems!

    Looking for one of the most advanced ultrasonic inspection instruments? The Ultraprobe® is just what you need!

    UE Systems has been the internationally recognized leader in the development of airborne and structure borne ultrasound detection equipment since 1973. Our extensive range of Ultraprobe® instruments are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

    UE Systems

    UE Systems

     Choose an UltraProbe when you need:

    •  A simple and cost effective leak detector for compressed air, vacuum or any type of gas
    • A complete leak auditor with leak cost calculation software
    • A steam trap and valves inspection tool
    • Monitoring bearing condition fast and easy with our license free DMS software
    • Preventing over-lubrication of bearings
    • Locate and analyze electrical problems

  • Vibration
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