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  • Accessories
  • Digitisers
    Full spectrum digitizers/oscilloscopes sampling up to 200 MS/s, and up to 24 bits in digitizers up to 8 channels.
  • Dynamic Signal Acquistion

    ADLINK Dynamic Signal Acquisition


    Application-oriented Dynamic Signal Acquisition Modules for New Generation Audio and Vibration Measurement

    Based on various bus standards, ADLINK’s Dynamic Signal Acquisition (DSA) modules are specifically designed for audio, noise, and vibration measurement applications. Featuring up to 432 kS/s sampling rates, 24-bit resolution, and IEPE signal conditioning, the series delivers highly accurate signal acquisition and easy connection to microphone or acceleration sensor for component testing. ADLINK further provides a wealth of industrial-grade computer and PXI platforms enabling customers to choose the products most suitable to their own audio and
    vibration applications, speeding system development.

    Dynamic Performance


    • Superior Performance for a Variety of Audio Testing Needs
    • 24-bit ADCs and DACs with up to 118 dB dynamic range
    • Up to 432 kS/s AI and up to 192 kS/s AO
    • AC/DC coupling, IEPE conditioning, anti-aliasing filters, and auto calibration
    • Flexible multi-module synchronization

    Sound & Vibration Analysis

    ADLINK Dynamic Signal Acquisition 
  • PCI Express DAQ

    ADLINK Data Acquisition

    Delivering the benefits of the high-bandwidth PCI Express® bus, ADLINK has recently expanded its product offering with a wide range of PCI Express products, including high-performance DAQ cards, interfacing/expansion systems, frame grabbers, and digital I/O cards.

    ADLINK PCI Express