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HIPOT Testers

Hipot Testers

The Hipot test is used to stress a product’s insulation with high voltage in order to ensure it will limit the flow of electric current should a fault occur. Our complete line of AC, DC and 500 VA Hipot testers allows you to meet and exceed electrical safety testing specifications around the globe.

Hypot® III Series
Hypot III is a bench top Dielectric Withstand tester with an enhanced graphic LCD screen and entry-level automation with an RS-232 interface.

HypotULTRA® Series
HypotULTRA III is a fully-automated Dielectric Analyzer for Safety Agency production line testing.

OMNIA® II Series
OMNIA II is a multi-function Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer that provides you with customizable features and unmatched functionality!

HypotMAX® Series
The HypotMAX series is a family of high voltage and high current Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers.

SCI 290 Hipot Series
The 290 series are designed to make testing simpler than ever before. Rugged, lightweight and durable. The 290 series gives you the best of both worlds. You will wonder how you ever tested without it.

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