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Power Supplies
Choose from a large range of bench and laboratory power supplies from amongst the best power supply manufacturers in the World. From hobbiest looking for simple bench or lab supplies right up to advanced ATE power supplies for research and industry.

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  • Delta Electronika

    Delta Electronika


    Delta Electronika






     Since it's inception in 1959, Delta Elektronika has been designing and producing power supplies and has become a leader in a market that demands efficiency and reliability. Delta's unique design concept has a strong emphasis on excellent technical specifications and long life. As a result of that concept the units produce about 10 - 30 times less electro-magnetic interference, react more than 10 times faster on load transients, produce hardly audible noise and have a very long life at the rated power.


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      Delta SM3300 Interface Modules

  • Extech Instruments
  • Keysight Technologies

    Keysight Power Supplies

    No surprises from Keysight –
    delivering high-quality power products for more than 50 years.

    Since power supplies are used in such a wide variety of applications, Keysight Technologies, Inc. offers a full line of DC and AC power supplies to meet your test requirements. Our family starts with high-value basic power supplies and goes up to high-performance products. In addition, we have specialty power supplies and three modular power supplies to give you the flexibility you need in test system development. For whatever application or industry you work in, Keysight power supplies offer excellent performance and high reliability to give you conidence when making your power supply purchase. Because Keysight knows how to make power supplies.


    Affordable, quiet and stable power supplies for both manual and simple computer-controlled operation. The Keysight line of basic power supplies is optimized to provide DC power in applications where speed and accuracy are a low consideration. These power supplies are a high-value it for the bench and in a system rack.


    Speed, accuracy and advanced programming features make the performance power supplies the right choice when the DC power supply is a factor in test performance. With features such as DUT protection, fast programming times and downloadable V and I sequences, these DC power supplies can reduce your risk during test and system development.

    Sometimes it is best to have a power supply with unique capabilities that are tailored to a speciic application. For example, the Keysight 66300 Mobile Communications DC Sources are designed to emulate the unique characteristics of a battery for mobile device testing and maintain those characteristics even when using long load leads, such as in an ATE system. The Keysight E4360 Solar Array Simulator simulates solar panel I-V characteristics for satellite development and testing.

    Keysight offers fully programmable power supplies in a modular format: the N6700 low-proile modular power system, N6705B DC power analyzer, and 66000 modular power system series. With this feature, you now have an extensive choice of power options— from basic through performance. Additionally, all modules interact in the same way at a single interface node, which simpliies system architecture and reduces cost when the test system inevitably changes.

  • Maynuo Electronics
  • QJE Electronics
  • Siglent Technologies