IDEAL R164005 FiberTEK III-MultiMode LED Kit


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FiberTEK® III multimode (850/1300nm) kit with LED light sources for standard multimode fibre. Compatible with all LanTEK II and LanTEK III models.

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Kit Contents

Includes two multimode FiberTEK III modules, lockable semi-rigid carrying case, SC, FC, ST adapters for modules (2 ea.), SC-SC patch cords, 6x 50μm MMF) compliant to ISO/IEC 14763-3 standard, quick reference guide.




FiberTEK III adapters are used with LanTEK III for fast and simple certification of high bandwidth single-mode and multimode fibre optic cabling including support for encircled flux testing (optional).


To pinpoint fibre cabling faults every FiberTEK III adapter includes a built-in visible light source to help you visually pinpoint faults and locate fibre ports.


FiberTEK III provides optical loss (dB) measurements meeting Tier 1 certification requirements.


Available in multi-mode (850/1300nm) and single mode (1310/1550nm) varieties.




Setup Wizard

Select field calibration (1-Jumper|3-Jumper) and measurement modes (Loopback|Normal), (Uni-Directional|Bi-Directional)



Perform auto-tests using the intuitive graphical interface to reduce mistakes and ensure accurate certification results.


Review Results

Tier 1 certification results display:

  • ISO/TIA/IEEE test standard
  • Pass/Fail result
  • dB loss of each fibre at each wavelength
  • dB loss in each direction (when testing bi-directionally)
  • Fibre link length
  • dB margin / headroom