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Delta Digital User Interface for SM3300 Series


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Digital interface with 8 inputs and 8 outputs for external triggering and control

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  • 8 inputs
  • 8 Open Collector outputs
  • Programmable via Ethernet or sequences
  • Isolated from the output voltage, working voltage 1000 V
  • Floating relative to earth


Typical Applications:

  • Hardware triggering of sequences
  • Interaction with other equipment
  • Stand-alone automation
  • Easy to plug in by user on site




Inputs and Outputs

Delta Digital IO


This interface provides 8 user inputs and 8 user outputs. These can be controlled/monitored by Ethernet commands or can be used to interact with the Sequencer to make the power act like a Power PLC.


User Inputs (Connector CON F)


Unconnected inputs are LOW. To make an input HIGH, apply the +5V of pin 9 or pin 14. Also an external voltage can be used to control the inputs. make sure the common of the external source is connected to pin 10 or pin 15. The user inputs have a working range of 2V - 30V, use a common zero and have an impedance of approximately 22kOhms. The maximum load of the 5V is 100mA.


See figure 6 - 4 and table 6.1 for the pinning of CON F


User Outputs (Connector CON G)


The 8 user outputs are Open Drain with common zero. When an output is TRUE, it is pulled down to 0V. Otherwise the output is open. The output impedance is 7 Ohm, maximum rating is 30V / 200mA


See figure 6 - 4 and table 6.2 for the pinning of CON G