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Delta Isolated Contacts Module for SM3300


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Isolated relay contacts offereing 4 x relays with make and break

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  • 4 realys with make-and-break contacts
  • Additional (floating) interlock with 24V enable system
  • Programmable via Ethernet


Typical Applications:

  • Trigger an external safety alarm
  • Interact in automated processes
  • Switch the output On/Off with a remote 24Vdc signal
  • Using a floating signal for triggering the interlock function


Relay Contacts and Interlock

 Delta Isolated Contacts

This interface provides 4 changeover relay contacts, an interlock (in addition to the standard SM3300 interlock) and an Enable input. The relay contacts can be controlled/monitored by Ethernet commands. The Interlock and Enable input can be monitored by Ethernet commands.


Relay Contacts (CON M & CON N)


Relay contacts are as described below, during power off and when not set. The relay contacts can handle a maximum contact voltage of 60VDC. The maximum continuous current is 2A.


Pinning CON M:


6 = Relay 1 NC

5 = Relay 1 NO

4 = Relay 1 Common

3 = Relay 2 NC

2 = Relay 2 NO

1 = Relay 2 Common


Pinning CON N:


6 = Relay 3 NC

5 = Relay 3 NO

4 = Relay 3 Common

3 = Relay 4 NC

2 = Relay 4 NO

1 = Relay 4 Common




The Interlock input (pin 1) is initially connected to pin 3 (common). Replace the link by two wires and a switch (eg. a cabinet door switch) when it's function is required.


The Enable input (24V, pin 2) impedance is approximately 12kOhm and has a working range of 15V - 30V. Connect the common of the external voltage to pin 3.


The Interlock and Enable can not be used simultaneously. All Interlocks should be valid.


Pinning CON K:


3 = Common

2 = Enable

1 = Interlock

Delta Isolated Contacts