Keysight 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measurement Unit


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The Keysight 34980A is a flexible, reliable switching and data acquisition platform with more than 20 modules to help you customize your test system.

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The Keysight 34980A is an eight-slot mainframe that includes an optional built-in 6 1/2 digit DMM.


Choose from 19 optional plug-in modules that offer a broad range of functionality that includes DC to 20 GHz switching, counter/totalizer, digital I/O with pattern capabilities, and D/A converters - in one compact, high-performance modular platform.


See the new BenchLink Data Logger software that offers high speed data logging with no programming required. It´s a Windows® based application that makes it easy to collect and analyze your data.


The 34980A is easily integrated into an automated test or data acquisition applications with a graphical Web interface, standard connectors, computer standard I/O to the computer, and standard instrument drivers.



  • Eight-slot mainframe, choice of 21-plug-in modules 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit Summary
  • Built-in DMM with 6½ digits (22 bits) of resolution
  • Scan rates of up to 1000 channels/second
  • Standard LAN, USB, and GPIB connectivity to PC, LXI compliant
  • Easy remote access with built-in Web interface
  • Priced up to 40% less than comparable module solutions in VXI or PXI
  • Up to 560 2-wire mux or 4096 matrix cross-points in one mainframe
  • Free BenchLink Data Logger software for easy data collection and analysis


34980A Front
34980A Rear

High-performance switch/measure unit provides a low-cost, highly flexible measurement platform


The 34980A multifunction switch/measure unit provides functionality that is easy to set up and use, with a fast startup time.
The 34980A handles system switching up to 26.5 GHz and provides basic measurements and system control. It also offers DMM measurements, counter/ totalizer functionality, digital I/O with pattern capabilities, and analog outputs with basic waveforms— all in one low-cost, compact box. And with its standard connectors and software drivers, computer-standard I/O, and Web browser interface, the 34980A easily integrates into electronic functional test and data acquisition systems.
Flexible switching, measurements, and system control


The 34980A accommodates up to 8 plug-in modules to give you the flexibility you need. Choose from 21 different modules to define your own configuration. You can buy what you need now and add to it or reconfigure it as your requirements change.


Whether you are measuring temperature, AC or DC voltage, resistance, frequency, current, or custom measurements, the 34980A offers the functionality you need in a single box. Switch in different measurements with high-performance signal switching up to 300V with no external signal conditioning required. Choose between different switch types and topologies with frequency ranges from DC to 26.5 GHz. The 34980A offers high-density multiplexers for scanning multiple channels, matrices for connecting multiple points at one time, and general purpose switches for simple control and high power needs.

Use the 34980A to route individual signals or monitor multiple signals over a specified period of time—monitor a single channel or multiple channels, set alarms, and identify irregularities. The 34980A offers flexible choices for system control. You can control external devices such as microwave switches, attenuators, solenoids, and power relays. Or use the digital inputs to sense limit-switch and digital-bus status.


Optimized for test systems

The rugged instrument comes with a variety of system-ready features:

  • Web browser interface shows settings at a glance and provides remote access and control
  • Self-guiding front panel to configure, troubleshoot or view data
  • Low EMI and efficient system cooling
  • Heavy-duty cabling and connection options
  • Flexible rack mounting options
  • Relay counters help predict end-of-life
  • In-rack calibration for reduced maintenance time
  • DMM measurement accuracies include the switch for simple calculations
Make system connections easily and quickly with simple, reliable connection options:
  • Built-in Ethernet, USB 2.0, and GPIB connectivity
  • Low-cost, standard 50- or 78-pin Dsub connectors and cables
  • Detachable terminal blocks with strain relief
  • Mass interconnect solutions