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SafeTcheck Portable Appliance Tester with Printer Bundle


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Portable Appliance Tester Tag Printing Bundle. Includes everything you need to Test & Tag appliances. Bundle adds battery powered printer, keyboard and scanner for data entry.

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The SafeTcheck Pro Logger Plus is an Australian made and designed Portable Appliance Tester and comes complete with Data Logging, Keyboard, RCD & integrated Mains Isolation.

The Pro Logger Plus is one of the most sophisticated Portable Appliance Testers (PAT) on the market. Unique functions such as checkCONNECT function for Double Insulated Appliances ensure that an appliance is correctly connected prior to running an Insulation Test sequence. Most, if not all other testers, will pass an appliance even if it is not connected in accordance with the standard (AS/NZS 3760). It also has two test sockets, one specifically for Leakage Testing. This ensures compliance with the Australian Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007/Amdt 1:2009) and so extra safety for the user/operator.

Prologger Plus

TRIO Test & Measurement's SafeTcheck Pro Logger Plus Portable Appliance Tester is the best value for money

  • RCD tester for Fixed & Portable RCDs (with Mains Isolation)
  • The RCD tester also performs an integrated Extension Lead Test
  • Integrated Data Logger stores 2000 records
  • checkCONNECT function for Double Insulated Appliances or Probe Mode user selectable
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Full control via external keyboard (flexible keyboard is included)
  • The measured values for each test may be logged and error values displayed


 Seperate Run and Test Sockets

Unique Seperate Run and Test Sockets

Provides three extra levels of operator safety. Test socket illuminates to indicate active socket.




    Mains Check

Mains Check

The SafeTcheck checks the mains supply, prior to any tests to ensure a safe and correctly wired mains outlet.




  Quick Connect

Check Connect




Unique to the SafeTcheck Pro Logger - Check Connect ensures a correct connection every time, where other testers may incorrectly pass faulty appliances. Check Connect require the use of an optional conductive cloak.


      Other Tests

Other Appliance Menu

Provides test parameters for many appliances that cannot normally be tested.





 Data Logging

Data Logging

Fully integrated data logger provided with PC interface software provided at no additional cost. The optional scanner makes data entry even easier.

Package Contents:

  • SafeTcheck Prologger Plus
  • Flexible Keyboard
  • SATO 200MBi Battery Powered Test Tag Printer
  • Barcode Scanner for Easy Data Entry
  • Mains Power Lead
  • Earth Return Lead with Alligator Clip and Probe
  • Extension Lead Adapter
  • USB Interface Cable
  • Users Guide and "Downloader" Software - Free Download
  • Certificate of Calibration


  • Conductive Cloak (1.5 Meters x .15 Meters)
  • Optional 3 Phase Appliance Tester (Measures leakage current during a Run Test)


The Pro Logger Plus is considered by many in the industry to be the safest, fastest, simplest and most thorough Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) on the market.


With the addition of a scanner, the task of logging test results is child's play and adds little if no time to an electrical test. The Pro Logger Plus comes standard with an integrated Data Logger. This has the ability to store up to 2000 records and gives the user complete control over how and what is recorded.


Integrated RCD Tester

The integrated RCD Tester ensures 10mA, 30mA, portable or fixed RCDs comply with the Australian standard.

When testing portable RCDs the Pro Logger inserts an integrated isolation transformer into the circuit to ensure any fixed RCD (in the mains supply circuit) is not tripped. For portable RCDs the Pro Logger Plus will also test the RCD as an extension lead. This test is necessary when testing the RCD as it is also an Extension Lead.

When testing fixed RCDs the Pro Logger Plus uses a battery to power the LCD display after the RCD under test has been tripped. This ensures the displayed test result is visible to the user for approximately 2 minutes after the mains power is tripped during testing. This also gives the user time to reset the RCD ready for the 180 degree test. The RCD Option is 100s of dollars less than a separate RCD Tester and Isolation Transformer