Keysight E36313A Triple Output 6V, 10A and 2x 25V, 2A, 160W: LAN, USB


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Fully programmable with large 4.3 inch colour display, best in class performance and ease of use. Low current measurement with over voltage, current and temp, data logger view, output sequencing, series/parallel mode with 4 wire sense.

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Data sheet

Power Supply TypeProgrammable
Power Supply OutputTriple
Power Supply Max V21-50V
Power Supply Max C6-10A

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Power your Next Insight

On the bench, the triple output E36300 series is ready for your application. With low output ripple/noise and accurate voltage/current measurement, you can test with confidence—and power your next insight.

Get More for Less

More confident to power your design
  • Excellent programming/readback accuracy
  • Low output ripple and noise
  • Excellent Line/load regulation: 0.01%
  • Fast transient response time: < 50 μs
  • Small current measurement: 80 uA

More productive with intuitive and easy-to-use front panel
  • 4.3-inch color LCD display
  • Colour-coded channels
  • Individual knobs for voltage and current
  • LAN (LXI), USB and GPIB
  • Digital I/O port
  • Individual on/off on all channels
  • Electrically isolated channels
  • Front and rear output terminals

More features (varies between models)
  • Data logging
  • Output sequencing
  • Output LIST
  • Auto series/parallel connections
  • 2-wire or 4-wire remote sense
  • Over voltage, over current and over temp protection

3 Models to Choose From

E36311A DC power supply, triple-output, 6 V, 5 A and ±25 V, 1 A, 80 W: USB
E36312A DC power supply, triple-output, 6 V, 5 A and 2x 25 V, 1 A, 80 W: LAN, USB
E36313A DC power supply, triple-output, 6 V, 10 A and 2x 25 V, 2 A, 160 W: LAN, USB