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Pintek LCR-900 LCR Meter


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High Precision LCR Meter - 100KHz With USB Interface and Kelvin Cable

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The Pintek LCR-900 was designed for Capacitance, Resistance, Inductance, Dissipation Factor, Quality Factor, Phase Angle, Impedance etc
measurement. Operation frequency from 100Hz to 100KHz, Basic measurement accuracy, 0.3%. Dual LCD display, Measurement voltage fixed at 0.6V auto-detect function and Open circuit / short circuit compassion.

Primary Measurement display:

DCR: DC resistance
Lp: Parallel Inductance
Ls: Serial Inductance
Cp: Parallel Capacitance
Cs: Serial Capacitance
Rp: Parallel Resistance
Rs: Serial Resistance

Secondary Measurement Display

L / C mode:
θ: Phase Angle
D: Dissipation Factor
Q: Quality factor
Rp: Parallel Impedance
ESR: Serial Impedance


  • Dual LCD Display.
  • Capacitance, Resistance, Impedance, Inductance, Quality Factor,
  • Dissipation Factor Phase Angle.
  • Auto Detect Function.
  • Open Circuit/Short Circuit Compassion.
  • Operation Frequency 100Hz to 100KHz.
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.3%
  • Measurement Voltage Fixed at 0.6Vrms


Includes RP-91 Kelvin Cable


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