Ideal 61-957 SureTrace® Circuit Tracers Kit View larger

Ideal 61-957 SureTrace® Circuit Tracers Kit


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Numeric value and audible signal provide quick and easy-to-understand tracing feedback. Includes: TR-955 Transmitter, RC-959 Receiver, TL-956 Tracer Test Lead Set, C-957 Hard Case

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  • Numeric value and audible signal provide quick and easy-to-understand tracing feedback
  • Receiver display rotates automatically for easy viewing
  • Identifies breakers and fuses
  • Pinpoints opens and shorts
  • Traces wires behind walls and under ground
  • Can be used on circuits 0-600V AC/DC





New Refined Performance


  • Ruggedized overmolding for enhanced impact resistance
  • Handset signal communication is tuned tighter to reduce false signaling on noisy circuits
  • Bolder display for effortless viewing
  • Sensitivity range expanded – no signal saturation on multiple breakers.
  • Enhanced power management – 10% longer battery life and smart low battery indicator prevents performance degradation
  • Peak detector displays signal intensity fluidly
  • CertainCircuit™ feature now on all models


Four defined ranges of the new Circuit Tracers let you quickly select the proper sensitivity for your specific job. And, with easy-to-replace AA batteries, the tracer provides four times the tracing power of conventional 9-volt circuit tracers on the market.

No circuit tracer has ever been so user friendly. Super-bright models provide a numeric value between 0 and 99 and a variable pitch/tone audible indication. In addition, the peak detector provides instantaneous signal strength feedback. SureTrace™ features the only rotating display in the industry. Regardless of what position you put the receiver in, the display will orient itself so that the reading stays upright.


Every safeguard has been taken to make the Circuit Tracers durable and safe for the long term. Additionally, a high-energy fuse and CAT III 600V design give you the confidence to go about the job without worrying about equipment safety.






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