ADLINK PCI-9524 8-CH, 24-bit Multifunction DAQ for Load Cell/LVDT View larger

ADLINK PCI-9524 8-CH, 24-bit Multifunction DAQ for Load Cell/LVDT


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4-CH strain gauged-based transducer inputs,Up to 30kS/s sampling rate,Transducer input accuracy up to 1/200,000 counts at full-scale.4-CH 24-bit general-purpose analog input,3-CH PWM output, supporting single pulse and pulse train,3-CH encoder inputs, supporting CW/CCW & AB phase,2-CH 16-bit analog outputs

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The ADLINK PCI-9524 is a 24-bit high-resolution multifunction DAQ card capable of up to 30 kS/s sampling rate, providing 4-CH load-cell transducer input channels, and 4-CH general purpose analog input. In addition, the PCI-9524 comes with a 2-CH 16-bit analog output, isolated motion I/O and digital I/O.


The highly integrated function makes the PCI-9524 the ideal solution for combined data acquisition and motion control functionalities. Ideal for manufacturing, laboratory research, and factory automation, the PCI-9524 comes with all the features and performance you need at an affordable price.


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PCI-9524 24-bit multifunction DAQ card provides the following advanced features:

  • Supports 32-bit 3.3 V or 5V PCI bus
  • Load-cell transducer input channels
  1. 4-CH differential analog input with remote-sense
  2. 4-CH transducer excitation, 10 V or 2.5 V selectable
  3. Auto-zero capability
  4. Up to 30 kS/s sampling rate without auto-zero
  5. IIR digital filter for post-processing
  • General purpose analog input channels
  1. 4-CH differential analog input
  2. Programmable gains: x1, x2, x4, x8
  3. Up to 30 kS/s sampling rate
  • 2-CH 16-bit analog output
  • 3-CH opto-isolated pulse-command output, supporting AB phase, CW/CCW, CLK/DIR modes
  • 3-CH opto-isolated encoder input, supports AB phase inputs in quadrature mode
  • 8-CH opto-isolated digital inputs
  • 8-CH opto-isolated digital outputs with N-MOS sink drivers
  • Auto-calibration



  • Materials Testing Systems
  • Precision Weighting Systems
  • Automotive Testing
  • Process Control
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Biotech Measurements



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