Keysight 53230A 350MHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer, 12 digits/s, 20 ps


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With the Keysight 53200 series of RF and universal frequency counters/timers, you get: More Bandwidth, More Resolution & Speed, More Insight and More Connectivity.

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Frequency counters are depended on in R&D and in manufacturing for the fastest, most accurate frequency and time interval measurements. The 53200 family of RF and universal frequency counter/timers expand on this expectation to allow you to get the most information, connectivity and new measurement capabilities while building on the speed and accuracy you’ve depended on with Keysight’s decades of time and frequency measurement experience.Three available models offer resolution capabilities up to 12 digits/sec single shot frequency resolution on a one second gate. Single shot time interval measurements can be resolved down to 20 psec.


With the Keysight 53200 Series of counters speed, resolution, and accuracy are just the beginning:

  1. 53210A 350 MHz RF Frequency Counter, 10 digits/sec
  2. 53220A 350 MHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer, 12 digits/sec, 100 ps
  3. 53230A 350 MHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer, 12 digits/sec, 20 ps

More bandwidth

  • 350 MHz baseband frequency
  • 6- or 15-GHz optional microwave channels

More resolution and speed

  • 12 digits/sec
  • 20 ps single shot time interval
  • Up to 75,000 frequency readings/sec, 90,000 time interval readings/sec
  • Up to 1M Sa/sec gap-free frequency/timestamp

More insight

  • Datalog trend plot
  • Cumulative histogram
  • Built-in math analysis and statistics
  • 1 M reading memory

More connectivity

  • LXI-C/Ethernet LAN
  • USB (I/O and memory stick)
  • GPIB interface
  • Optional battery for portability and timebase accuracy

More measurement capability (53230A only)

  • Continuous gap-free measurements
  • Basic modulation domain analysis (MDA) and timestamp
  • Optional pulse microwave measurements