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Keysight U1242B Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4-Digit


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Check more, fix more, spend less with Keyight U1240 Series digital multimeters

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Check more, fix more, spend less with Keysight U1240 Series digital multimeters

Installation and maintenance of machinery, electrical systems and more often require numerous quick checks and fixes, sometimes under hazardous conditions. Whether you need to quickly inspect power supplies for harmonics, detect glitches in switch systems or monitor differential temperature, the U1240 Series of handheld digital multimeters (DMMs) is up to the task.


With all you need in one portable instrument, you can travel light and finish the day’s work with ease. Plus, you’ll be glad to know it’s easy to own one, even with the DMM’s rich capabilities.

Key features:

  • Low micro-amp and high Mega-ohm ranges
  • Switch/Relay counter for glitch detection
  • Harmonic ratio measurement in AC supplies
  • Dual and differential temperature measurements
  • Data logging to instrument on the go
  • Includes additional 4-mm tip probes and Certification of Calibration

Applications with the U1240 Series DMMs

Harmonic ratio measurement for maintenance of facilities, motors, generators and transformers.

Any periodic waveform other than an absolutely pure sine wave has some amount of harmonic content. If these unwanted multiples of the fundamental frequency become too large, they have unwanted side effects: overheating that shortens the lifespan of motors, generators and transformers; premature tripping of circuit breakers; and blown fuses.

Regular maintenance with an accurate, dependable DMM ensures early detection of harmonics in the AC supply. One of the quickest ways to detect and gauge the percentage of distortion due to harmonics is to measure the harmonic ratio of the incoming AC voltage.

The U1240 Series offers a fast one-button check with its harmonic ratio function. The ratio percentage helps you decide if further analysis of the power sources is necessary with an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyser.

Switch counter for detection of glitches on switch and relay systems.

Careful maintenance of the switches and relays used in facilities and machinery helps ensure that they're operating as expected in their OPEN or CLOSED settings. You can check their performance with just one button using the U1240 Series' switch counter function. This function detects intermittent OPEN or CLOSED occurrences across relay/switch contacts in the reversed setting. The total count indicates the extent of relay/switch faults and determines if further troubleshooting is necessary.

Dual and differential temperature for efficient testing of HVAC systems.

Whether you're installing, maintaining or troubleshooting heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in cars, offices, factories, stores or homes, temperature measurements are crucial. For example, to ensure boiler temperature meets safety requirements, you'd have to measure boiler and air temperature simultaneously to get accurate real-time readings. With a faulty air conditioning system, viewing the temperature difference between warm return air and cool supply air helps reveal the cooling behaviour of the evaporator with respect to time. With the U1240 Series, you need just one instrument for convenient, efficient dial and differential temperature measurements.

Standard Shipped Items: 4 x 1.5V AAA Alkeline Batteries, Ceritificate of Calibration, Test Probe Leads with 19mm & 4mm Tips, Quick Start Guide

Specifications of the U1240 Series Digital Multimeters:

Analog Bar Graph
Basic Features  
Basic DCV Accuracy0.09%
Auto/Manual Ranging
Voltage AC/DC1000 V
Current AC/DC10 A (down to microamps)
Resistance100 MΩ
Capacitance200 kHz
Frequency0.1nF - 10 mF
Temperature1000°C, K-type thermocouple, T1/T2/T1-T2
Continuity with beeper
Diode test
4-20 mA % scale
Harmonic Ratio
Switch Counter
Data Management  
Min/Max/Avg Recording
Data Hold
Data Logging100 manual, 200 interval points
Operation Temperature-10°C to 55°C
Power4 x AAA
Over-voltage ProtectionCAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
Warranty3 Years


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