Keysight U1272A DMM 4.5 Digit, Water & Dust Resistant


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30,000 count, IP54 rated protection against water, dust and damage. Low pass filter, Low impedance mode, Smart ohm, J and K-Type thermocouple temperature measurement.

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Water and dust resistant. Grip-friendly and feature-packed. That’s what you get with a Keysight U1270 series handheld DMM. Certified to IP 54, these DMMs provide useful functions such as ZLOW, which eliminates stray voltages, and Smart Ohm that minimizes false readings from residual voltage induced by leakage current. To improve safety, Backlight Alert blinks the backlight to indicate continuity in noisy environments. All of this is packed into a case that fits your hand and is easy to operate, even when you’re wearing gloves.

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Improve productivity with intelligent features
Designed for maximum efficiency and productivity in industrial settings, these DMMs offer convenient functions such as ZLOW to eliminate stray voltages, Smart Ω to minimize false readings due to leakage current and Qik-V to determine existence of AC and/or DC voltages.

Continuity detection in noisy and dark places is made easy with the U1270 series’ loud beeper and Backlight Alert function which flashes the backlight to indicate continuity and improve safety.

When it comes to Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) troubleshooting, the U1270 series has Low Pass Filter to handle the job with ease.

Standard Accessories: Standard test leads, test probes with 4mm tips, K-type thermocouple and adapter, 4x AAA batteries, Certificate of Calibration, test report, Quick Start

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