Keysight U1253B Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4½-Digit


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Precise and crystal clear measurements with the OLED display. The Keysight U1253B 4.5-digit handheld digital multimeter (DMM) is feature-packed to simplify the troubleshooting of electronics and electrical circuits.

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Key Features

  • Superior contrast from organic LED (OLED) display (1253B only)
  • 50,000-count dual display
  • Up to 0.025% basic DCV accuracy
  • True-RMS AC and AC+DC2 measurements
  • K-type and J-type2 temperature measurements
  • Manual and automated (interval) data logging; internally to DMM and externally to PC
  • CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V safety protection
  • Built-in 20-MHz frequency counter (U1252B and U1253B only)
  • Built-in programmable square-wave generator(U1252B and U1253B only)

The Keysight U1251B 4.5-digit handheld digital multimeter (DMM) is feature-packed to simplify the troubleshooting of electronics and electrical circuits on the bench or in the field. Key capabilities include manual and automated data logging to both DMM and PC. For those long, continuous measurements, the DMM equips you with the easy-to-use GUI data-logging software to automate virtually unlimited data recordings to PC. With the versatile U1251B, you are well equipped to perform thorough troubleshooting of any faulty circuit.

The U1250 Series is a winner of multiple industry awards, including the EDN Hot 100 Award and Best Value Portable Test Equipment in 2006. The series was also a finalist for T&M’s Best in Test General-Purpose Instruments category in 2009. The U1253B model is the winner for EC&M’s Product of the Year Portable T&M Equipment category in 2009.


Automated data logging to PC for long, continuous measurementsData Logging

Qualification and troubleshooting of a device-under-test (DUT) often require long periods of testing, over either different temperatures or parameter settings.


A common test would be voltage measurements at room, hot and cold temperatures. In such cases, it's more convenient and efficient to automate recording of measurements while you perform other tasks that are at hand. It's even better if you can record as many data points as required without worrying about the storage capacity of the measuring equipment.


Whatever your measurements, the U1250 Series lets you make easy automated data logging with virtually unlimited saves to PC - so you can be assured that faults are recorded dependably and analysed sooner.



Built-in square wave generator for designing and troubleshooting motor drivers.

Square Wave

A signal from the pulse-width modulation (PWM) inverter drives the motor and is fed back to the speed controller circuit. In design and troubleshooting applications, these pulses are generated externally - usually with a function generator or pulse generator - and injected into the circuit to simulate actual pulses from the inverter.

With the U1250 Series, you can easily configure the square-wave output of the U1252A/U1252B to generate simple PWM signals - conveniently in one portable, lightweight instrument.