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Dual Polarized Probes

Dual Polarized Probes

New product

800 MHz-40 000 MHz
Dual Polarized Probes is a solution for wideband for spherical near-field measurement ; suitable for FF measurements ; calibration and polarization reference.

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More info

• Wideband for spherical near-field measurement
• Suitable for FF measurements
• Calibration and polarization reference
  • Technical Performance
    • Dual linear polarization with high on-axis polarization purity and isolation
    • Mono-mode excitation on a 1:3 bandwidth
    • Radiation pattern dominated by first-order spherical modes (allowing for first-order probe correction)
    • Low return loss / VSWR
  • Design
    •  Wideband orthomode junction (OMJ) based on inverted quad-ridge circular waveguide with external feeding circuits, feeding a circular aperture
  • Surface treatment
    • Alodine 1200 equivalent to MIL-C 5541E class 3
    • Polyurethane paint
  • Repeatability
    • Stiff and robust mechanical design
    • Precision machined
    • Standard MVG circular interface for precision centering
    • Precision guiding pin for accurate polarization alignment
    • High reliability RF components
  • Delivered documents
    • Typical performance data (TYMEDATM)
    •  Measured return loss data and port-to-port coupling
  • Equipment
    • Mounting flange
    • Removable absorber plates
    • Integrated polarization switch (Optional)
  • Related services
    • Calibration and maintenance (Optional)
    • Customization (Optional)