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Radiodetection Services and Marker Locator


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Radiodetection RD8000M and RD7000M+ Precision Marker Locators deliver fast, accurate EMS marker locating as well as the ability to locate cables and pipes. Both locators offer optional GPS logging.

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Radiodetection’s new range of precision locators builds on the high-performance and ergonomics of the RD7000®+ and RD8000® platforms and is aimed at locate professionals and utility companies who need to detect utility RF markers (also known as EMS or Omni-marker™) alongside buried infrastructure.


Measure depth continually and automaticallyMarker Locator

Featuring TruDepth™, Radiodetection’s unique automatic depth measurement system, and combined utility and marker locating mode, the marker locator range delivers faster and more accurate surveys.

Optional internal and external GPS links

The built-in GPS option, allows customers to conveniently add positional data to their survey measurements without the need to carry additional equipment. Alternatively all units feature Bluetooth® to allow automatic linkage with an external GPS device. RD8000 models offer easy retrieval of saved measurements via USB and export into common file formats such as KML for Google Earth.

Data Logging

Monitoring usage, improving best practice and providing proof of work done is enabled by the automatic data logging on selected models. Every second, key locator parameters are saved into the unit’s non removable internal memory.

Up to one year of saved data can be retrieved and analyzed by connecting via USB to a PC running RD Manager, the software companion to the marker locator range. On GPS models there is the added benefit of recording survey locations.

Familiar user interface

Adopting the Radiodetection range is straightforward as it utilizes the same screens and operations as the established RD7000+ and RD8000 ranges, and can be used with any of their accessories or transmitters*


RD7000+ family


SL/SLM – Construction Industry
A broad range of standard active frequencies and rugged construction make the SL a reliable and versatile locator. The SLM model adds the ability to locate RF markers and document surveys using SurveyCERT. The entry-level product from Radiodetection is aimed at operators who want an accurate locator that is simple to operate.

The SL models have Compass as standard, and four active and two passive frequencies that cover the majority of locating tasks. The user can quickly and accurately locate the cable or pipe using Peak antennae mode providing accurate depth and current measurement. SLM users can use the combined mode to quickly scan for cable, pipes or markers at the same time. In addition to Peak mode, combined Peak and Null mode displays both peak response and null response using proportional arrows. This single screen view allows swift identification of distorted signals due to ground conditions or nearby utilities. With a light weight locator, low power consumption and a durable case with high contrast display, the operator can use the SL all day in all weather and light conditions, while the Dynamic Overload Protection feature aids reliable location in electrically noisy areas.

DL/DLM – Water and Pipe line Industry
Specifically designed for the water industry, and supported by the wide range of Radiodetection pipe location accessories. The DL and DLM locators are designed to detect not only active and passive frequencies but also four different sonde signals. This makes the DL range ideal not only for standard pipe, cable and markers (DLM model) location but also for locating deep, underground dirty water pipes and drains where the pipe material does not allow the use of standard locating technology but where sondes can be deployed. The DL and DLM are also capable of locating Cathodic Protection System (CPS) signals applied to pipelines, further extending its versatility. Four different sonde frequencies allow the DL/DLM to locate pipes made from a wide variety of materials including: cast iron, plastic (PE), clay, fiber, concrete and brick. DLM models allow users to document surveys using SurveyCERT. The DL range is the ideal partner for the Radiodetection and Pearpoint ranges of inspection equipment. For details of available sondes and accessories see Featuring Compass and Dynamic Overload Protection as standard, DL and DLM aid pipe, cable and markers (DLM only) location even in electrically noisy environments.

PL/PLM – Power Industry
The PL range identifies the target cable reliably, even in areas of large-scale, trunked cable deployment of complex electrical networks. One of the biggest challenges to operators working in the power industry is locating cables, pipes and markers when operating near high voltage environments, such as substations and conduits where the presence of large signals overpower most locators. The PL range is designed for use in areas where excessive magnetic fields, generated by high voltage equipment and cables, can prevent accurate locating. Dynamic Overload Protection reduces this effect, allowing uncompromised locator accuracy. PL models have both Peak and Null modes and also a combined Peak/Null mode which allows the identification of signal/ground distortion effects by displaying both Peak and Null response simultaneously. The PLM model adds the ability to locate and estimate the depth of power and other utility markers. In addition, the internal data logging system allows for usage to be analyzed to aid ensuring compliance and identify training requirements. In addition PL locators can indicate depth in Power mode. This is particularly useful when direct connection of a transmitter to a power cable may be hazardous or impractical. The Compass feature aids correct alignment with the target cable, maximizing depth measurement accuracy. The 8kHz Fault Find function is a technique that locates a cable sheath fault using an A-frame attached to the Locator. On-screen arrows help show the fault’s
direction and help the operator locate the fault accurately to within 4" (10cm).


TL/TLM – Telecom Industry
Large bundled pairs of cables require specialized location equipment to find a selected signal. As the Telecommunication utilities continue to deploy highly insulated copper or fiber cables, tracing bundled cables becomes harder. The TL range features additional high locate frequencies capable of pinpointing high impedance cables to help address this problem. The TLM models allow users to locate telecom utility markers, and the internal data logging system allows for usage to be analyzed to aid ensuring compliance and identify training requirements. Most domestic telecom cables have no earth but are sheathed; using high frequencies allows tracing without needing to ground connections. Once the correct pipe or cable is located, the operator can accurately locate any cable sheath faults to within 4" (10cm) meter using 8kHz Fault Find mode with a Radiodetection A-Frame. TL models have both Peak and Null modes and also a combined Peak/Null mode which
allows the identification of signal/ground distortion effects by displaying both Peak and Null response simultaneously. Featuring Compass and Dynamic Overload Protection as standard the TL range aids cable, pipe and marker (TLM only) location even in electrically noisy environments, while the addition of three sonde frequencies adds more capability and flexibility.