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Keysight U1401B Multi-Function Calibrator/Meter


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Calibrate while you measure with just one tool. Keysight handheld multi-function calibrator/meter has all you need for quick validation, servicing or troubleshooting of process control devices on the go.

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Key features:

  • 50,000-count resolution on dual display
  • Simultaneous source and measure capabilities
  • Bipolar voltage and current, square-wave, auto scan and ramp outputs
  • Full-span DMM measurement and recording functions
  • Built-in charging capability

Applications with the U1401B Multi-Function Calibrator/Meter

Simultaneous source and measure with just one tool

Commonly used in today's process control systems are signal conditioners and loop-powered isolators. These typically involve high-accuracy signals and demand periodic calibration to ensure optimum performance.

Calibration requires sourcing a known signal into the device and measuring its output. For instance, calibration of a loop-powered isolator with 4-20 mA input/output range involves accurately simulating a known mA signal into the isolator and measuring its corresponding mA output to ensure that it is performing well within its specifications. Being well-equipped means you need to carry both a calibrator and digital multimeter (DMM) as you go about your calibration tasks.

Not so with the U1401B calibrator/meter. One tool equips you with both sourcing and measuring capabilities so you no longer need to carry a separate DMM when you're away from the bench.

Built-in pulse signal generator for calibrating flow meter systems

Flow meters output pulses with frequencies that are proportional to the rate of flow of liquid that passes through tis bladed turbine rotor. These pulses are then fed to a signal conditioner. Calibration of the signal conditioner requires injecting known pulse signals into it and checking that the resulting output is what it should be.

Right on site and with the U1401B in hand, you can conveniently simulate the flow meter's output pulses into the signal conditioner, without needing a separate function generator.

Standard Shipped Items: Quick Start Guide, Certificate of calibration (CoC), Calibrator/meter standard test lead kit, Yellow test lead for mA simulation, Protective holster, Rechargeable battery pack, AC power adapter and cord

Specifications of the U1401B Multi-Function Calibrator/Meter:

Dual Display



± 15V


± 15mA

Square-wave0.5 Hz to 4.8 kHz, selectable Hz and %
Auto scan and ramp
Simultaneous operation with MEASURE function
Basic DCV Accuracy0.03% + 5 counts
Auto/Manual Ranging
Voltage AC/DC250 V
Current AC/DC500 mA
Resistance50 MΩ
Frequency200 kHz
Temperature1372°C, K-type thermocouple
Continuity with beeper
Diode test
4-20 mA, 0 to 20mA % scale
Simultaneous operation with SOURCE function
Data Management  
Min/Max/Avg Recording
Peak Recording
Data Hold
Data logging to PC
(Requires IR-to-USB Cable U5481A for connection to PC)
Operation Temperature0°C to 40°C
PowerNi-MH rechargeable batteries
Warranty3 Years