Siglent SPA1010 10W Power Amplifier for Siglent SDG Series View larger

Siglent SPA1010 10W Power Amplifier for Waveform Generators


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Output Voltage: 25.4 Vpp;  Output Current: 1.12 A; Slew Rate: ≥ 90 V/μs;

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The Siglent SPA1010 amplifier is one of the options provided for SIGLENT Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, with up to 1MHz full power bandwidth and higher than 90 V/μs slew rate, it can be used in test systems in connection with all SIGLENT SDG series products and with other brands of generators. The Siglent SDG X-series generators can communicate with the SPA1010 via the USB interface.


Signal Input

  • Input Impedance 15kΩ
  • External Input
  • -6.5V~+6.5V Vpp (Gain:X1);
  • -1.3V~+1.3V (Gain:X10)


  • Gain Switching in 10V/1V and 10V/10V
  • Virtual Value of Sine Output
  • Power (RL=7.5)
  • 10W (typical, input: Sine, 1kHz,X1) 【Note 1】
  • Output Voltage 25.4 Vpp(input: Sine, 1kHz,RL=8Ω)
  • Output Current 1.12 A (input: Sine, 1kHz,RL=8Ω)
  • Output Impedance < 2Ω
  • 3dB Bandwidth ≥ 1 MHz