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The STC DownLoader Software comes FREE with the SafeTcheck. Download the FREE file below.

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The STC Downloader provides an inteface between the SafeTcheck and your PC for the recording of Logged Data from the Pro Logger's memory. The resultant file on the PC will be in a 'csv' format and can be imported into any Spreadsheet or Database such as MS Excel.

All recorded results are captured including Date, Time, Company, Site, Location, Description, Test Results, Comments, Retest Period, Test Performed, Visual Pass/Fail, Electrical Pass/Fail, etc (see below). 

Download ZIP FileSTC Downloader Software File (ZIP) 6Mb


Fields captured are:

  1. Company
  2. Site
  3. Location
  4. Technician
  5. Licence No.
  6. Date
  7. Time
  8. Appliance Description
  9. Appliance No.
  10. Visual Pass/Fail
  11. Tag No.
  12. Earth Current
  13. Test Type (Test Performed)
  14. Electrical Pass/Fail
  15. Insulation Resistance (M Ohms)
  16. Leakage Current (mA)
  17. Earth Resistance (Ohms)
  18. Electrical Continuity (N/A)
  19. RCD Trip Time (mS) 0 Deg. Crossing
  20. RCD Trip Time (mS) 180 Deg. Crossing
  21. Operator Comment
  22. PAT Type
  23. PAT Serial No.
  24. Retest Period (Months)
  25. Retest Date